Build-a-Coin Cryptocurrency Creator

Sadly, Build-a-Coin is no longer maintained. It may still work for you, though!


I get 'bad value' when designing my coin.

Build-a-Coin tries to cut down on compile errors by rejecting inputs that would break your new coin. Limitations on input values are as follows:

My coin won't compile.

Build-a-Coin attempts to always produce correct code. If you haven't edited your code at all and have ruled out a build system misconfiguration, please email with the following:

It is the policy of Build-a-Coin that if a coin compiles on our build platform (Debian/gcc), then it is working. Although Build-a-Coin coins should compile anywhere bitcoin can be compiled, we do not guarantee this.

My coin doesn't work right.

If you put unreasonable values in, you'll get an unreasonable coin out. Build-a-Coin coins have been tested for correctness with reasonable inputs, but are not guaranteed to work. If you believe you've found a bug in Build-a-Coin itself, report it to

I don't know how to compile my coin.

Build-a-Coin does not provide any support for the compilation process; there are many guides freely available that cover this topic.

One user has suggested this YouTube tutorial series for a walk-through of getting your coin up and running.