Build-a-Coin Cryptocurrency Creator

Sadly, Build-a-Coin is no longer maintained. It may still work for you, though!


  • coin name

  • currency code

  • address identifier byte

  • testnet address identifier byte

  • multisig address identifier byte

  • testnet multisig address identifier byte

  • TCP port

  • testnet TCP port

  • JSON-RPC TCP port

  • testnet JSON-RPC TCP port
money supply

  • initial block reward

  • blocks until reward halves

  • blocks before mined coins can be spent

  • minimum sendable without dust fee

  • minimum sendable at all

  • largest tx in bytes without size fee

  • desired seconds between blocks

  • starting difficulty

  • desired seconds to difficulty change

  • miner-configurable limit on block size in bytes

  • hard limit on block size in bytes

  • genesis block embedded message

  • network alert signing pubkey

  • testnet alert signing pubkey